Starting Again

Getting back to my blog has been sitting in the back of my mind, nagging me, for a while now.  It’s something I really want to do, but it hasn’t been “important enough” to make it to the top of the to do list in a while. I can always think of something more “important” to do than sit and write.  After all, i’m not a writer, so why should I spend time on it? And I know no one is reading it (because I’ve not told many people that I’m writing here) but yet this idea sits nagging in the back of my mind as something I want to do.

So, I’m starting again.  I’ll write as I can and just see what happens.  Here we go…..

Reducing the clutter

Inspired by Laura Vanderkam’s blog post, The Great Unsubscribe, I’ve started unsubscribing from all of the truly junk email that i receive in my personal email account.  This is the mail that i get that I just delete and never open to read. It is such a waste of time and a stress to see the emails in my inbox.  I check my email on my phone, so I’m always checking to see what the new message is, only to find it’s junk.

So far today, I’ve unsubscribed from:

  • Southwest – I don’t fly nearly often enough to care about their deals…and the deals always make me want to go look and buy a flight for a trip i wasn’t planning.  This causes me stress over a) not traveling as much as i want, b) not having enough money to buy a trip that’s a ‘deal’ on the spur of the moment, and c) it will prevent me from buying a trip i don’t need/plan to take because it was a good ‘deal’….’s saving me money to not travel at all.
  • Costco – I’m not a member anymore. Buying in bulk doesn’t work for my “buy local, buy only what you need” plans.  I don’t need to see all the stuff I don’t need to buy.
  • Redbox – I don’t care what the new releases are.  If i want to rent a movie, i’ll go look what’s available.  If i don’t want to rent a movie, there is no sense in seeing what i’m not going to rent.

Hopefully it helps….. now if i can get off of all the ‘informational’ lists at work….

Adventures in Minimalist Running

After several years of Race Walking, I started running.  Running slowly at first, actually more of a wog (half walk, half jog).  I’ve worked my way up to an almost serious runner! So, what else to do, but switch to minimalist running.  I’m not quite brave enough to actually run barefoot, but I’ve moved to the New Balance Minimus shoe.  I had my first long run in these new shoes yesterday, and I have already figured out one great piece of advice…

Never wear high heels the day after running 8.5 miles in minimalist shoes!

Other than sore calves, I love the new shoes and the change in my running.  The calves will feel better soon, and with more running will not hurt afterwards.  The benefits friends have seen is positive, and I have high hopes.

Starting a Whole30

After several starts and stops, I decided to start my first Whole30 with solid intention.  I’m two days in and feeling like I can stick with it.  I’m starting quietly, not telling anyone, for two reasons.  First, if I fail, only I (and anyone who happens upon this blog) will know.  Second, this is for me and just for me.  I want to feel better and have the satisfaction of knowing I succeeded.

So.. I turned 38 on Friday, and thought it was a good time to start.  I enjoyed Friday and Saturday as a bit of a Mardi Gras, and since Sunday I’ve been grain, dairy, legume, added sugar, and process food free.  Most importantly for me, I’ve been alcohol free.

I started Sunday morning out with two poached eggs and some all natural (meets these requirements) sausage with black coffee. For lunch I had a sweet potato.  And for dinner… mmm.. Paleo approved Pina Colada and Aciote pork tacos.

Pina Colada – blend frozen Pineapple, Mango, and some coconut milk.  Pour it in a wine glass (I don’t have Pina Colada glasses) and it feels fancier.

The Pork recipe i stole from a Mexican cookbook that I need to find again to reference.  I sauted bell pepper and mushrooms in some coconut oil with a little cumin and chipotle powder.  I ate the meat and veggies rolled in lettuce with some homemade guacamole.

Today I had Eggs and Sausage with a veggie juice smoothie; left over pork and veggies in a salad; and some scrambled eggs and left over sausage for a quick dinner (I only had 20 minutes).  For desert – frozen berries blended with coconut milk, a little cocoa, and a banana.

Here’s to day 3…