ZipZone Adventure Park

I’ve been a big fan of ZipZone since they opened in 2013.  I’ve gone ziplining there several times and have thoroughly enjoyed every time.  So when they announced the new Adventure Park was now open, I knew I needed to go check it out.  My son’s 16th birthday provided just the opportunity!

ZipZone opened their new adventure park in August (2017).  This new area features a Kid’s Park section and the Adventure Park section.  The Kid’s Park is designed for children aged 4 – 7 with an adult to supervise/help them out.  The Adventure Park is for 7 and up.

What is it?

The park offers enthusiasts a variety of “elements” to maneuver through. There are a variety of bridges, ziplines, nets, wires, logs, planks, … you name it …that you go across in the air.  You wear a harness that ties you into a cable support system to keep you safe while you move around.  Unlike their zipline Canopy Tours, this section is self-guided so you can go at your own pace.

The Adventure Park consists of 5* different trails originating from a central Tree House starting point.  Each trail is color coded for difficulty.  Once you set off onto a trail, you complete about 12 different elements before returning to the ground.  Your ticket is good for a 3 hour period of exploration, with about 30 minutes of that being gearing up & introduction.

Getting There

ZipZone is located just north of I270 on US23.  Getting to the entrance can be a bit tricky since they’ve redone 23 through there.  If you are coming from 270, you will be directed to go up to Northwoods Blvd and drive around a loop to come back on 23 headed south.  From the north, or after turning around when you came form the south, you’ll turn right into ZipZone.  They typically have flags marking the entrance which is marked for ZipZone and Camp Mary Orton.  You’ll follow a wooded drive back to the parking lot.  Make sure to park in the ZipZone lot and not in the lots for the camp that is also there.

Getting Started

Once there, you’ll check in at the front desk.  If you didn’t sign your waiver ahead of time, you’ll get that taken care of.  They will weigh you and then send you on to get geared up.

For the Adventure park, you’ll head back to the trailer and check in. The staff will help you get into your harness and belay system and then give you instructions on how everything works.  You’ll even learn what a tweezle is and how to use it.

After a short practice course, you’ll be sent on your way to the tree house to start playing.

Our Adventure

Tree House trail starting point

At the tree house, you’ll find staff members ready to help you get started.  We decided to start on the yellow ‘easy’ trail since it was our first time.  The staff member helped us get hooked into the safety system and on our way.

I’m really glad we started with the yellow course.  We were told we probably didn’t need to, because we did well enough with the training area and “that one is so easy”.  However, we both really benefited from starting there and getting used to the system.

After we worked our way along the bridges and zipline, and got back to the ground on the yellow course, we headed back up to tackle the next one.  We completed both of the green courses.  Our favorite elements were the ziplines and this log that coasted down the line:

Eric got a stuck on one element for a moment.  I was so proud of his determination to keep working through it and to keep himself calm.  I saw him start to panic a bit, calm himself down, and figure it out.  This was the real win of the course.

If you do happen to slip or get stuck, the staff will talk you through pulling yourself back up onto the element.  If you can’t get pulled back up, they will come over and lower you down.

After finishing the second green course, Eric decided he wanted to head back home so that he could watch the soccer game.  Since it was his birthday, he set our schedule.  We left the blue and black courses to go through for the next time.

Our Tips

We booked our reservation for the adventure park the same day we went.  It was late in the season and they weren’t busy, so this was not a problem.  If you book ahead, know that they run the course rain or shine.  Unless the weather is dangerous level, expect to go. The FAQ on their site explains their policy.  We are in Ohio – the likelihood of perfect weather is slim.

Dress for the activity – you are going to wear a full body harness that goes around your waist and legs and also up over your shoulders and you’ll be hanging in the air.  Shorty shorts & a strappy tank top may not be your best choice here.  I have found I really prefer athletic/yoga type pants and t-shirt; jeans under the harness just feels uncomfortable to me.   You must wear closed toe shoes.  If rain is called for, bring a rain coat and dry shoes/socks/clothes for after.

They have water available when you are there.  You’re not really able to carry a water bottle or snack with you while you’re there.  Eat a little ahead of time.

Leave anything you carry in a pocket in your car.  I took a camera that had a wrist strap I could attach to the strap of the harness.  The staff will hold your keys and anything else you have in a plastic bin in their trailer.

What It Cost

I had received an email with a discount code good for the weekend we were there, so we used that.

2 Adult Adventure Park Tickets with Discount at $34/each = $68
Tip – $5
Total: $73

Full price tickets as of 10/30/2017:
Adults (12+) – $46
Junior (7-12) – $38

On tipping – For the Adventure park, the staff get you setup and sent out and then assist you as needed on the course.  I decided to tip a little bit here.  On the ZipLine Canopy Tour you get two tour guides doing everything for you along the course and providing information, I tip a lot more when I do that.  They are really low pressure here about tipping, which I really appreciate.  There is a jar at the end and you just place a tip in there if you want.

Final Thoughts

This was a great way to spend an afternoon.  We live less than 10 minutes from ZipZone so it is easy to get there.  I love how you feel secluded and out in nature when you are so close to the city.  The property is beautiful and the adventure is a ton of fun.

My 13 year old decided not to join us on this one, and I think that was the right call.  She is not comfortable with heights and terrified about ziplining.  Once you are into the course, you can’t easily go ‘backwards’ to get out; you’re kind of committed.  I’ve had her panic on the ZipLine tour and that was no fun for any of us.

I have never had a bad experience at ZipZone.  Anything you do here will be fun.  Check out their ZipLine tours & full moon tours as well.

About the Kid’s Park

While we did the main Adventure Park, we had a good view of the Kid’s Park.  I was really impressed!  I no longer have kids young enough for this area but may need to steal a niece so I can check it out better.

* Their site says 7 trails but there were 5 available that we could get to.  I’m not sure what the additional 2 are.

All opinions and photos here are my own.  ZipZone doesn’t know I exist other than as a paying customer and did not sponsor this post.

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